Our territory is the ancient cradle of the Hellenistic linguistic minority of Calabria. The southern Ionian side of the Aspromonte park maintains traces of its ancient function as a crossroads on the Mediterranean basin.
The precariousness of the infrastructure, the geological formation and the geographical position of this strip of land, being surrounded by the sea and overlooked by the mountains, have given these places the role of cultural stronghold of the Calabrian Greeks. Which is not only a language but also a cultural tradition and education of the hearts.
Our land is home to the green gold of Calabria, the bergamot. A sour citrus fruit that has an inebriating and intense fragrance that grows only in this area. It is defined as the fruit of health for its amazing anti-cholesterol properties and its essential oil has been the basis of cosmetic products and perfumes for centuries. As demonstrated by the choice of some international fashion and cosmetic brands, such as Chanel, Guerlain, Dior, which still today use the original Calabrian bergamot as an essential element of their perfumes.