Welcome to Calabria

Il Gelsomino Bed and Breakfast

Looking after our roots
A deep love for our area
Our enthusiasm to stay together
Our pleasure to share
Everything as if you were at home


Prunella is a small village in the borough of Melito di Porto Salvo, located on the Ionian coast 30 km from Reggio di Calabria. It is thought that the name derives from the large plantations of prune trees present in the area, other sources attribute it to the name of a noble woman who once came from this village. It’s a little town, a quiet place, that has witnessed our birth, has let us go and that welcomes us every time we come back. We built our house here in a strategic point, surrounded by olive groves and citrus trees, but with a view of the sea. For our guests our bed and breakfast becomes a refuge, the reference point for a guaranteed relaxing holiday.